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Delivery Solutions (Delsol) Ltd is one of the UK’s independant overnight delivery service providers and as such relies heavily on computer technology. Our requirements are complex and we demand a high level quality support and maintenance service. ‘IT-PRO’ have always provided Delivery Solutions with the quality of service that we demand, with fast response times and a dedicated commitment to providing solutions, ‘IT-PRO’ provide for both immediate and long term requirements to a level that we have not encountered with previous providers. Delivery Solutions would therefore recommend ‘IT-PRO’ to both small and large organisations alike, as their commitment to quality and service is unparalleled.

Tony Parry

I have used IT-Pro (and David Pinel in particular) continuously over the last 10 years with two separate companies. I can recommend David’s work as a programmer unreservedly. He has been able to translate my ‘verbal’ descriptions of complex processes to to fully working software quickly and cost effectively. He is the only contractor I have ever used in 20 years of business that I allow to complete tasks without a formal quote and bill me when he has done (cost+), he is THAT honest and reliable!

Sean Clarke

David provides excellent technical support to our business. Very quick response and has never failed to solve the problem. I thoroughly recommend ITPro to anyone requiring technical IT backup.

Joe Fielding

We have worked with David for some years now. We find himself and ITpro have been a excellent partner and very valuable asset for our IT needs and our business. Highly recommended

Gregor Mckenzie

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Here at IT-Pro Support, we have been providing outsourced IT services to businesses in North Wales for over 10 years. What makes us different? Our testimonials and reviews will explain better than we can, we are trusted, experienced, knowledgeable and friendly, more than anything else our customer retention over the last 10 years is 99%.

We cover all of North Wales including Llangollen, Wrexham, Corwen, Ruthin, Oswestry and Mold